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Brave Nude World 

Community Discussion  - How To

What Happens here?


  • This is the place to facilitate Cooperation and Communication

  • To bring like minded people together & make Clothes Free Event's, Activities & Protests happen.

  • There is no central organizer, no one person to depend weak links, or bottlenecks of information.

What can I do here?

If you want to do a clothes free event,

  • Read the Latest Discussions, to see what’s happening,  If you're interested in something. Reply, even a quick  “ I’m Interested” or “Going”, will do much more to make a event happen, than staying quite, we need to know we will have a minimum number of people, and if you don’t say anything, than its counts as a Zero Interest

  • If you don't see one in your area, or timing that works for you, 

  • Or have an Idea for a Clothes Free Event / Activity.

  • Suggest one,  by creating a new topic, and Ask to see how many people are interested,

  • Once there are enough people, Do it! ( Take all needed Measures to prevent arrests of course , Not sure how? ask the group in a new topic, or read old topics that may have already answered that for your area. )

  • If you know about other clothing optional Events / Activities,

    Post them here, others in the group could be interested.

  • Recommend 12 minimum for best Public Perception

Understanding Public Perception

"How the public will likely view you"


Until Civilized Nudity is Normalized over time, through constant and repeated appearances.

  • 1 Naked person = weird person, probably, high, drunk, or mentally unstable.

  • 2 -4 Naked People = cover that up/ what the ???

  • 5-11 Naked People = What is going on? am I missing something?

  • 12+ Naked People = Whheww!! / You Rock!! ( This is where the magic happens)

Understanding Social Validation

“How people process new Ideas""


The more people practice the same behavior, the more acceptable it is perceived to be. and the more popular the behavior becomes.

All BNW Events



  • Are Family Friendly, and do not sexually objectify the body.

  • Non-Discriminatory, All non-Predatory participants, of All Genders, Races, Ages, Shapes & Sizes, Sexual Orientations, Spiritual / Religious affiliations welcome.  

  • No Hate, No Violence.

  • Know & Understand local Culture, Laws and your Rights.

  • Communicate with local law enforcement before events if needed to ensure no arrests.

  • Maintain Minimum Participant numbers, for best Public Perception effect.

So let us Begin...

How do I get started?



  • Make sure your logged in to your Google account.
  • We use Google Groups, since google accounts are the most universal, and free, so almost everyone connected to the internet has a Google Account  today.
  • If you don’t have a Google account yet, it’s Fast and Free, Create new Google Account
  • You can use your existing email address with your google account if you prefer.
  • Once you're logged in, you will be able to "Apply for membership" in the window below, refresh the page if you  Just logged into your Google account.
  • If you have received an invite email, from Google ,you should just need to click on the link provided in the Invite email to get access to this Google Group as long as that email address is connected to a Google account.
  • Once your Request to join has been approved, or you have accepted your invite. you should have access to the Group Discussions.
  • If you have followed all these steps, and still having issues getting connected.  Contact Us
  • Welcome aboard