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Normalize Nudity In Public Spaces

Protest & Education Campaign


Body Discrimination, 

Toxic Culture


Clothing Addiction

The 2nd largest pollution source on Earth.


This site like all of us,

Is imperfect,

and a constant work in progress. 

You will always be accepted here, as you are.

Do You Think

People should have

to wear clothes?

All the time?

Do You know

The Clothing Industry

Is the 2nd largest source

of Pollution on Earth

Maybe it's Time

To Question

WHAT we do &

WHY we do it !

Clothing Addiction

& Gymnophobia

are not a Victimless Crimes


THE TRUE COST - Documentry

The impact of Our Clothing Addiction goes beyond just "Fast Fashion"

The Full Potential of Humanity Awaites

If it looks like it always did, then what has really changed?

For there to be real change, the difference must Obvious!



Fear of seeing others naked, Or being seen naked. A learned or taught condition, not something we are born with.


Associating the

body with only a

sexual purpose


Discrimination against the Body or parts of the Body, Including Race & Gender.

A Form of Discrimination 

That affects Every Body

Psychological Abuse

Telling people there is something wrong,

or indecent about a part or parts of them

Toxic Culture

Ignorance for the reasons of the things we do, and their current relevancy.

Perpetuating Belief Systems & Laws that normalize Fear, Hate & Abuse of ourselves & others.

Causing us to ignore available solutions to serious problems.

Hate Crime

A crime that violates the victim's civil rights and that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.

The Mark of a Truly Civilized Society

When it can ACCEPT its own form,

Not FEAR  it.

Brave Nude World

Regular Ongoing

Normalize Nudity In Public Spaces

Protest & Education Campaign



Pollution, Waste & Harm to others caused by an addiction to clothing.


Just because something is currently normal,  does not mean it always has been or always will be.

Nor does it mean it is not abusive or damaging, or that it cannot changed.


Of Self - Increases Happiness

Of Others - Creates Peace & Harmony


The uncovered body


Update or remove sometimes well intended Laws & Ordinances, That cause more actual harm than good, finding better wording to better serve Humanity.

Womens Rights

What good are equal rights in a culture where women are too afraid to exercise those rights & the lack of their apparent exercise, further reinforces a social mindset of in-equality.


Men are capable of treating women with dignity and respect, Not as something to sexually objectify.

They can learn.

Respect can become the norm and not the exception.


Prevent Sex Crimes by teaching a healthier way to associate the body.

Making the human form common, not something rare, a commodity,  taboo, or something exciting.

We do not Demonize Sexuality

We teach people to understand

The Body is a physical Thing

Sexuality is a Mindset

They are not the same thing.

A Mindset does not change what something is, only how YOU see it.


It’s Time to Come Out,

of the Naked Closet!


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