Toxic Laws

Any Law that:

Perpetuates Discrimination: Discrimination of Body, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Shape, size, Orientation. Inadvertently or Intentionally.

Withholds the freedom of the many, because of the acts of the few.

Reinforces the Sexually Objectified Association of the un covered body, by restricting the Healthy Non-Sexual display of the body in public view.

We Protest Against

Any Law that takes away our freedom to choose to wear clothes or not.

To wear clothes or not for protection from the elements,

To choose for our selves if there is a need.

Not be forced to wear clothes, to perpetuate the idea that our bodies vile, vulgar, indecent, scandalous. 

Not to contribute to the psychological abuse of others, and ourselves.

Not to be forced to waste valuable natural resources, to pollute and toxify the environment. to Poison our selves and others. to create demand and incentivize dangerous, some times lethal and often toxic working environments, that cause irreparable neurological damage to those workers, their families, their children, and their communities.

We should have the right not to support this kind of abuse!

Any law that would force people to wear clothes, and thereby being forced to financial support and industry that harms others.

Such as requiring people to financially support an industry that creates an immense amount of pollution.  

An Industry that creates unsafe working conditions,  were many people die each year.

An Industry that pollutes not only our environment, but causes permanent neurological damage to the workers, their families, their children and their communities.

An industry that contaminates the food chain, toxifiying our soils, and waterways, even the source of micro plastics in the fish  we eat, an all marine life.

Laws that in actuality force us to fund the poisoning of ourselves, others, wildlife, and the environment.

The Clothing Industry is the second largest source of pollution on earth. from Landfill waste, to micro plastics from synthetic fibers in our food supplies & in our oceans, to herbicides and pesticides from our plant based fiber production,  the needless waste of vastest amounts of water and other resources for even the purest organic fiber crops. to the pollution from the detergents, softeners, and other chemicals during the useful phase of clothings lifecycle.

We ignore the issue, because we have been taught to over look the problem. 

After all, it’s not like we could just stop wearing clothes, right?  most people would snicker, exhibit an awkward laugh, or make a immature joke, at the idea of clothes free world. which just supports the severity of our clothing addiction, which has caused a Gynophobic Pandemic, and a world in crisis. 

In reality we could do something, it would require, a mature perspective, and for us to remember the true purpose of clothing, the necessity of Protection, from the elements.

Not to be confused with the luxury of decoration. 

The need for decorating the body, comes from a need to attract attention from a perspective mate, to dress the body up in a different package, to stimulate desire. all needs of a sexual nature.

If we could be honest with ourselves, we would realize that if we were  not forced to wear clothes, but instead stopped violating the right to decide each of us for ourselves, when they were needed for protection. 

People learn to associate  the unclothed body with sex because it's the most common image of it.  the truth is people will learn to associate the unclothed human form, with its most common image. shouldn’t it be healthier non sexualized image, like riding a bike, going for a walk, gardening, swimming. 

The notion of bathing suits at public swimming pools is absurd. 

Every time clothes are seen on a body, when the immediate need for protection from the elements is not apparent. It reinforces an association that the body is primarily a sexual object.

Not to mention the psychological Abuse and damage, of telling each other that there is something wrong, vulgar, indecent or inappropriate with a very natural part of each and everyone of us. This kind of discrimination affects every body and everybody.

Specific Toxic Laws:

Oregon - Lane County LC 6.100(1). 6.100 Prohibited Nudity and Penalty.

(1) No person, eight years of age or older, shall on public or private property, expose his or her genitals to another person, except within the boundaries of private property with the permission of the owner of said property, that is screened so that the act cannot be viewed from any other property.

However, the constitutionality of LC 6.100 is questionable, and it certainly isn't practical as it appears to outlaw nudity in shower rooms and changing areas of public schools and public swimming pool

Arkansas - law § 5-68-204


From Unconstitutional Arkansas

How Arkansas law § 5-68-204 violates First Amendment rights

1.  Paraphrasing paragraph (a), nudism is defined as “persons congregating… as a form of social practice”.  Paragraph (c)(1) makes it unlawful for any person to “demonstrate” (i.e. take part in) nudism.  When you put 2 and 2 together, this law violates “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”.  In other words, it is illegal for naturists to “congregate” even though they do so “peaceably”.  (Over the past 17 years, I have been to dozens of clothing-optional resorts, beaches, and hot springs from coast to coast.  I have not seen or heard any violence at any of them.)


2.  Paragraph (c)(1) also makes it unlawful for any person to “advocate” or “promote” nudism.  This is a clear violation of “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”.  This law criminalizes citizens who express a favorable opinion about nudism, but allows others to express unfavorable opinions about the same topic.


3.  Without their freedom of speech, Arkansas naturists are severly limited in their right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.  If a nudist contacted his or her elected representative to try to get this law changed or repealed, he or she would have to do so without saying anything positive about nudism.  (Because to do so would constitute “advocating” or “promoting” nudism.)  Needless to say, it would be pretty tough to convince an elected representative to support changing a law when you aren’t allowed to speak about the positive aspects of the activity forbidden by the law.  In other words, this law is cleverly written so that if you try to change the law by explaining the benefits of nudism, you are already breaking the law.


4.  § 5-68-204 violates religious freedom because:


a)  It “respects religious establishments” which teach (or imply) that the human body is inherently sinful or shameful.


b)  It “prohibits the free exercise of religions” which incorporate nudism as a means to foster body acceptance and the belief that the human body is inherently good and natural.


To illustrate this point, consider the following…  “If God is perfect, and if God created us in His image (the image of perfection), then why should we be ashamed of what God created?”  Many naturists prefer to worship nude.  It doesn’t matter if you understand it or agree with it.  None of us are insisting that you worship the way a naturist does.  Likewise, non-naturists have no right to forbid naturists from worshiping as they choose.  (Although I am not a religious person, I adamantly believe everyone has the right to worship as they wish, provided they are not causing harm to others.)